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You have finished creating your iweb site. It looks awesome and you have already published it to the worldwide web. Then all that’s remaining is for the world to see it. But unfortunately that does not happen automatically as iWeb does not make it easy for search engines crawlers to find your website. But do not be alarmed. By following the steps below, you can make sure that your iWeb site is found by the major search engines out there. You can add your website to the different search engines by clicking on the links below:

These 3 search engines are the most important ones and put together they process more than 95% of the searches done online.

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Learn to add a flash banner to your iWeb site with the help of BannerZest. You can access the video tutorial at SupportCasts.com Blog

product-aeroliteAerolite continues to be the best-selling theme here at 11Mystics. Its glossy black header and footer shine against the rough textured browser background – the navigation menus provide a totally integrated technical feel. Each color version comes with white page backgrounds and dark page backgrounds.

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Requires: iWeb 1.0 or 2.0

Price: $14.95 – $49.95

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